E-commerce Marketing Specialist Course Details
Understanding how to optimize any e-commerce store, in any industry, to generate more sales and profit. From e-commerce store design and architecture to email marketing and traffic generation.
Topics Include:

The E-commerce Ecosystem - Covering growth opportunities and the technology stack needed to succeed.
Core Store Architecture - Learning key pages and content assets needed and constructing an machine.
Get More From Your Store -  Breaking down the winning characteristics of sections & product pages.
Email Automation Sequences - Leveraging content syndication and optimization techniques to sell products.
Customer Value Optimization Specialist Course Details
Understanding the Customer Value Optimization process and the formula any business can use for exponential growth. Combining the value of leads, customers, margin and frequency of purchases to discover growth potential.
Topics Include:
• Getting Started - What is CVO?, The Formula For Growth
• Determine Product/Market Fit - The Goal of Marketing, Before/After Grid, Crafting A Statement Of Value
• Optimize The Lead Magnet -  What is a Lead Magnet?, Importance Of Specificity, Finding The Hook
• Optimize The Tripwire Offer - What is a Tripwire?, Two Types Of Commitment,  Splinter Offers
• Offer A Profit Maximizer - What is a Profit Maximizer?, Slack Adjusters, Bundles and Kits, Recurring Billing
• Architect A Return Path - What is a Return Path?, Segmentation By Visitor Activity, Full Funnel Retargeting
Customer Acquisition Specialist Course Details
Learning how to leverage traffic channels such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dedicated E-mail Drops and others to grow a customer base at a profit.
Learning the 3-step traffic system that automates relationship building and turns cold prospects into brand evangelists. Using retargeting to attract customers and prospects based on past behaviors and utilizing content distribution networks to amplify your message.
Topics Include:
• Getting Started - Paid traffic, creating a customer avatar and the marketing funnel.
• Paid Traffic As A System - Traffic temperature goals and offers and finding your market.
• Deeper Dive: Facebook Ad Platform - Pixels, copy, creative, objectives, analytics and reports.
• Retargeting To Maximize Results - Segmentation by visitor activity and full funnel retargeting.
• Troubleshooting Your Campaigns - Troubleshooting campaigns, offers, ad scents, and ads.
• Other Traffic Channels - Traffic channels and content distribution networks.
Email Marketing Specialist Course Details
Deploying automated email marketing strategies to grow and monetize your list while simultaneously increasing subscriber engagement.
Topics Include:

• The Role of Email Marketing - Learning the different types of email and the different ways to send email.
 • Creating Your Marketing Calendar  - Learning the role of a promotional calendar and the assets needed.
• Email Campaign Creation - Leveraging the psychology of writing emails that persuade prospects to buy.
• Optimizing Opens & Clicks - Increasing the two critical metrics of open and click-through rates.
• Tracking & Measuring Results Learning to measure your email campaigns by benchmarking results.
• Email DeliverabilityLearning to prove that your email deserves to be delivered to the inbox.
Content Marketing Specialist Course Details
Learning how to craft and execute a content strategy that spreads a brand’s message to new audiences and existing prospects, alike, by providing genuine value in advance. Teaching how to build your brands authority in your chosen niche and nurturing prospects/customer relationships.
Topics Include:

 • Getting Started  - What is content marketing, creating customer avatars and how the marketing funnel works.
• Top of Funnel Content - Goals, metrics and types of content to drive awareness for your business or brand.
• Middle of Funnel Content - Generating leads & initial sales to move prospects through the evaluation stage.
 • Bottom of Funnel Content  - Goals, metrics & types of content used to convert prospects at the point of sale.
• Blog Marketing - Covering various blog post types, managing writers and converting casual leads to sales.
• Content Distribution - Covering distributing content through email, search and social media.
Social Media & Community Manager Course Details
Learning the 4 critical categories of social media marketing activities. Understanding the different forms of social communication to help identify business goals and focus on the category that best fits your needs.
Topics Include:

• Getting Started - Social Media Goals, Engagement vs Seeker Channels, 10 Minute Social Media Audit.
Social ListeningSocial Listening Tools, Social Listening Keyword Planning, Using A Feedback Loop.
Social Influencing Social Media Topic Map, Defeating The "Social Fire Hose", Growing Social Profiles.
Social Networking - Long Tail Media Outreach, Reverse Media Outreach, Staying Compliant.
Social Selling - The Value First Strategy, Content Segmentation, Segmentation + Retargeting.
Search Marketing Specialist Course Details
Evaluating the search marketing health of an entire domain, and then getting specific with the most popular pages.  Following the 23-step domain and page audits to identify and remove crippling search issues that must be fixed first (keyword research, content and link building are useless until you remove these problems).
Topics Include:

Getting Started - The State of Search, Discoverability and Availability & Intent Based Search Optimization.
Intent, Context and Assets - The Tyranny of Physical Space, Finding Intent & Context & Keyword Modifiers.
Channels, Optimization & Ascension - Choosing the Right Channel, Ascension as Optimization.
Experience Optimization (UXO and RXO) - Page Audit: Keyword Targeted, Domain Audit: Backlinks.
Earned Media and Link Building - Paid and Owned Media, Earning Links: Competitive Research.
Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist Mastery Course Details
Learning direct-response copy that gets people to take specific, measurable actions — driving them to make purchases or become sales leads. Utilizing copywriting for offline media, such as direct-mail letters, print ads as well as online marketing tactics such as e-mail, web pages, and paid search ads. Discovering proven secrets to writing sales copy that grabs attention, sets you apart and sells.
Topics Include:

Start Here: Copywriting Defined - 3 Fundamental Rules of Selling, The Big Idea, The Power of One.
• Diving Deeper Into Effective Copywriting - The Theory of Resistance, The Power of Stories.
• What is Your Copy Really Selling? - Its All About Benefits, Your Unique Selling Proposition.
• Persuading Your Prospect - The Myth of You & The Power of Intimacy, The 4 Legged Stool.
• Anatomy of a Sales Promotion - Headlines, Leads, The Sales Argument, The Close & Guarantees.
• Copywriting Secrets from the Masters - Inner secrets compiled from successful working copywriters.

Optimization and Testing Specialist Course Details
Learning to help brands and businesses develop a repeatable optimization process to increase conversions in the sales funnel, landing pages and key conversion pages. In short, diagnosing site problems and testing new solutions to increase profits for current traffic.
Topics Include:

Getting Started - Conversion Rate Optimization, the optimization process and framework.
• Introduction To OptimizationThe role of optimization, KPI selection, and aggregating data.
• Identifying & Prioritizing Tests - Page identification and page prioritization.
• Element Selection - Testing copy, images, navigation, search, videos and overlays.
• Hypothesis Construction - The importance and creation of a hypothesis with examples.
• Test - Split test basics, principle of persuasion and the optimization calendar.
• Optimization Methods - Offer audit, on-site retargeting, personalization and segmentation.
Coding For Designer - Course Details
Topics Include:

• How Web Design is Different from Print Design
• Page Layout and Color with CSS
• Typography on the Web
• Create a Mobile Website

• Create a Complete a Website with Bootstrap
Web UI/Ux Design using Adobe XD - User Experience Design Course Details

Topics Include:

• What is UI vs UX - User Interface vs User Experiencee
• Creating a Project Brief
• Wireframing - Low Fidelity
• Designing in XD
 - High Fidelity
UX User Testing
Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery Guide Course Details
Optimizing Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs. Creating and making use of every type of Facebook ad. Growing Facebook page likes, post engagement and finding new customers to drive  brands to new heights via social marketing.
Topics Include:

• Facebook Pages
• Facebook Ads
• Facebook Pixel
• Types of Facebook Ads - In Depth Analysis
• Facebook Engagment
• Facebook Reporting
• Facebook Audience Insights
• Social Media Marketing
• Business Manager
The Complete Facebook Ads 2017 Training Course Details
Topics Include:

• Generating leads and sales using Facebook Ads

• Understanding different types of Facebook Ads and objectives
• Creating custom audiences for retargeting
• Improving conversion tracking on websites
• Facebook Ads optimization and bidding options
• Facebook reports via Ads manager
• Power Editor Overview
Facebook Ads E-Commerce: Guide To Selling Any Product Course Details
Topics Include:
• Creating Dynamic Ads Using Power Editor
• Understanding The Importance Of Split Testing
• Launching A Top Converting Page Post Engagement Campaign
• P.A.C.E Formula for Creating the Winning Facebook Ads 
• Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences
• Strategies: Abandoned Cart, People Who Didn't Take Any Action and Leveraging Customers
Marketer's Guide To Creating Facebook Ads That Convert Course Details
Select high-converting ad images and craft ad copies that resonate with your target audience. Learn to create highly converting advertising campaigns on Facebook. This course will show you how to construct attention-grabbing copy and choose a compelling image for your ad, no matter what your objective is. Increase your click-through rates by following these unique and proven strategies that will benefit your business.
Topics Include:

• Learn six effective strategies on picking the perfect image
• Craft ad copy that effectively reaches your audience
• Increase your click-through rates by hooking the market
• Promote your content, increase leads, and generate business
• Optimizing Opens & Clicks
• Tracking & Measuring Results
• Email Deliverability
Social Media Selling System Course Details
Learn how to turn social media marketing to increase sales using a sales funnel.
Topics Include:
• The three step process for converting your social media "fans" into customers

• How to translate your offline sales funnel to the online world
• The average length of a social media sales cycle
• How to multiply and leverage your follow-up using Twitter and Facebook
• Exactly how to approach a new prospect on social media
Google Analytics Course Details
This Course will teaches students how to master Google Analytics; from the basics all the way through the most advanced features. Mastering reporting, behavioral data, audience conversion with a extremely well-rounded knowledge base with this software. 
Topics Include:

• Setting Up E-Commerce And Goal Tracking
• Setting Up Conversion Data
• Realtime Analytics
• Traffic Acquisitions
• Inpage Analytics
• Landing Pages/Exit Pages

• Audience Reports
• Funnel Visualization
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