Say It Loud
Offer: Free webinar teaching financial literacy on Zoom
Type: Webinar
Industry: Non-Profit
We created a landing page for this client to promote financial literacy for minority youth. After sign up they would receive a e-mail with the time and date of the upcoming webinar, and a private link to join the Zoom call.
Travel Horror Stories Podcast
Offer: Free unreleased podcast episode
Type: Audio Series
Industry: Travel
We create a landing page for this client to promote their upcoming podcast. When they sign up they would received an instant download of an unreleased episode of the podcast that contained current and relevant information towards traveling after the international coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Offer: Free 30 minute consultation and FICO Score Tip Sheet
Type: Consultation and Tip Sheet
Industry: Finance
We create a landing page and accompanied lead magnet to help develop a 30 minute free consultation to help build a financial wealth based mindset including strategies on saving, investing and budgeting. Plus, a FICO score tip sheet bonus! After a lead signs up for the consultation, they will receive an instant email with a thank you note and a link to download the FICO score tip sheet.

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