The Exploring Family -
The Exploring Family wanted a new website for their rapidly growing blog. They needed a professionally branded website that loaded quickly to match Google’s latest search optimization requirements. By having a professional and faster site would allow them to ultimately get more traffic to their website and allow them to switch advertising management networks from Ezoic to Mediavine, where they could earn more revenue.

We set out to fix this by installing a fast, lightweight and customizable WordPress theme called Astra. From this new framework we redesigned their website, created a professional brand and upgraded the usability of the website. We also developed a solid framework, so they could easily add content to this site in the future. In the end, we were able to assist them in achieving their goal of getting on the Mediavine advertising network.

Type: Family Blog
Platform: WordPress
Advertising Management Network: Mediavine

Globetrotting Mama -
This is robust and comprehensive website to launch a new law firm called Rudder Law Group. The Rudder Law Group was founded by personal injury lawyer Andrew Leroy Rudder. This firm specializes in personal injury law niche, which is catastrophic impairment law.

When we started building this website, we wanted to make sure we had a end product that was modern, sleek and well-branded. We purposely chose a bright “Ferrari” red to help symbolize the passion associated with fighting for their clients who have been severely injured.

• Theme: Avada
• Hubspot Live Chat Integration
• Clio Calendar, Clio for Clients and Clio Intake Forms Integration
• Email Subscription Sign-up
• Blog

Type: Law Firm
Platform: WordPress

Globetrotting Mama -
Globetrotting Mama wanted a new, rebranded website for their popular travel blog. They needed a professionally branded website with a strong emphasis on hiring the owner as an award-winning freelance writer, digital storyteller, on-air personality, keynote speakers, and podcast guest/host.

We set out to accomplish the clients goals by creating a beautifully branded website that brought the blog to life as well as emphasizing the owner’s award-winning writing, digital storytelling, on-air personality, keynote speaking and podcast guest and host. We also optimized the page to make it easy to book her easily.

Type: Travel Blog
Platform: WordPress

Crystal Care Wellness -
This was a new website launch for a massage therapy company called Crystal Care Wellness. They specialize in various massage therapy treatments such as
hot stone, reflexology pen, pressure gun, circulation wash, lymphatic drainage, pre/post surgery, pre/post pregnancy massage and deep pressure.
When we started building this website we wanted to make sure the site had a peaceful and calming effect for potential clients. We used white and calming green colours to give customers a feeling of serenity.

• Theme: Oaza
• Booking integraton
• Email Subscription Sign-up

Type: Massage Therapy
Platform: WordPress

CanopyTech -
CanopyTech Resources Ltd. contacted us with the desire to completely redesign and revamp their current website. They felt their current website didn’t fully align with their high-quality, professional services. We set out to fix that – with professional, creative design that accurately represents their quality of work and craftsmanship. We also developed a solid framework, so they can build upon this site in the future.

It Service Provider 
Platform: WordPress
Active Parents -
This was a re-designed website for a parenting blog. The Active Parents blog is a free resource for the Halton and Hamilton region for parents looking for fun activities to do with their children.
The client wanted a refreshed design, that was modern and clean. They also wanted a site that was much faster for SEO and advertising purposes.
• Theme: Astra
• Theme Builder: Elementor
• Mailchimp integration
• Email Subscription Sign-up
Type: Blog
Platform: WordPress -
This is a website done for The Cap Guys. The Cap Guys sells hats, apparel and accessories on their website and other online platforms. This website was created to mainly sell products online.

Type: Ecommerce
Platform: Magento
Denmar Enterprises -
Website for a company that rents houses and apartments in Barbados. 

Type: Information Website
Platform: Wordpress
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